Monday, December 1, 2008


I can't help it!
Yay new Gossip Girl tonight. . .
Because it means new Fringe tomorrow!

Into the wind

Every hairstyle I've considered has had a backup plan for inclement weather. To heck with it. THIS is going to be Wedding Hair.

Flowers? check

Veil? check

Beach casual? check


We opted to do a formal engagement announcement since we're running off for the actual wedding AND since I'm unwillfully estranged from much of my family- had to get the word out somehow!

Did them through, got them printed on a heavy linen paper, and got an amazing deal! Totally they way to go.

We also included a Costco greeting card with our engagement photo.

And God bless Grandma Flower, she actually framed it- that is the sweetest thing she could of done and it meant THE WORLD to me, especially because my parents aren't willingly participating here.

We mailed out most of them on the 21st, but I still have a few stragglers I've been carrying around in my purse... I need to get to the post office, dangit.