Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Special Things come in Strange-Looking Packages

An ode to weirdness on Christmas.
Pre-lit upside down trees are all over the internet... of everything here, this is the only one to which I say...

Now this is my kinda tree.

A jeweler in Singapore brought new meaning to the phrase "looks like a million bucks" with this tree comprised of 913 carats of diamonds! Talk about blang BLANG!

Knit yourself a tree!

Yup, that's a tree of Grolsh beer bottles.
::hiccup:: Lotta work goes intop this one ::hiccup::

The Charlie Brown tree!! My favoritest.
[all photos above from]

Those are little people cutouts running around that tree!
[from jsanimesg]

Installation art- a light-fountain at Rockefeller center.

Yup, those are kegs. And not pony kegs but the real deal.
[photo from]

A prelit conjoined tree. Hmmm... do you put twice as many presents underneath that?
[photo credit: Green Head]

Special Things Come in Small Packages

Whats better than a Christmas tree? A mini Christmas tree! I love these miniaturized trees, decorated like they're 20 feet tall.

Merry Christmas Eve!

In honor of Christmas Eve, all things today shall be be Christmas
Cause I said so.
First off, Christmas cupcakes, care of Cupcakes Take the Cake and today's guest blogger
Marilla from Cupcake Rehab.

First off, the snowmen, in honor of my own SnowMan and fiance.
Yup, that's a fruit roll-up scarf.

These Christmas Ball ornament cupcakes look so good I want to hang them on a tree!
And now MY favoritest cupcake of the Christmas seasons- the most precious penguins ever. So we have a cold weather-creature fetish. Deal.
And now all other things good and beautiful about Christmas cupcakes.

Happy Holidays! Be safe and be loved!