Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Black and White and Yummy All Over

Ok, ok. I get it now.

Wonder if I could do this myself....

And the custom made cupcake stand, alone.

Monkey Likee

A Monkey cake needs NO explanation!
(Although the faces they're making kind of look like they're being violated...)


Biggest wedding priority? An amazing photogrpaher. This photo is FABULOUS! The weather is a dice roll, and this shoot DID get rained on 10 minutes later... but this is magic.

I want chocolate jimmies on mine!

Interesting- Not just cupcake in lieu of a full cake. . . but decorate your own! Could be the beginning of disaster. . . or a cute way to include the guests!


I MUST get off this snippet & ink kick, this is horrible!

But alas, more inspiration I HAD to put all in one place for future reference.

First, herb centerpieces. Grown by the Bride & Groom and sent home with the guest for planting. Simplistic, lovely smelling, inspired!

Instead of a traiditional guest book, a bouquet of branches in a lovely vase, with tags and ribbon/yarn/string attached. Guest hang their wishes on the 'tree'. The branck motif can be carried on to the centerpieces, in simplictic (and cost effective!) arrangements.

Black, white, and yellow. Fresh, elegant, interesting. I ADORE the onyx earrings in the second row, I think I must have them. . . and the black and white floral print clutch from Etsy, as well.

I love the potted plant favors, and the necklace.

Elegant and warm- chocalote and marigold. I'm really not leaning anywhere near any kind of yellow, washes me out too much, but I can't help but be drawn to the contrast here. And I love love love the dress Leighton Meester is wearing!

I was really just inspired to see black and white borught into an outdoor, daytime garden setting. So crisp! I love just about every panel here. . .

Cupcake Phenomenon

Everyone seems to all over cupcakes these days. And who can blame them? They're fabulous little personal cakes, no cutting involved, and so many cute decoarating possibilites.

They also make for a good DIY alternative to an elaborate wedding cake AND they can double as favors with a cute cake box for guest to take they cake with them.

Check out this article from Cupcakes Take the Cake for tips on how to freeze cupcakes. You can cook ahead of time and save the decorating for a a few dys before the reception.

Reception with a Twist

An interesting alternative to a classic sit down dinner reception....

Hmmmm....... a very different road then we'd been considering but I find it appealing...

Another idea? Brunch! also an idea from Snippet & Ink (I warned you I was hooked!)


*mimosas with various juices instead of just classic orange, and Bloody Mary's (would work so well with our burgundy and black color scheme, although we may have to soften black to chocolate brown for the stark light of day)

*fruit centerpieces (Fall is perfect red apple time!)

*Bundt cake with fruit topping OR cupcakes-to-go as favors

The problem with a a lot of time to plan? Too much time to change your mind.

snippet & ink is my newest obsession...

check out this engagement photo shoot- that was shot in Fallbrook!