Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I MUST get off this snippet & ink kick, this is horrible!

But alas, more inspiration I HAD to put all in one place for future reference.

First, herb centerpieces. Grown by the Bride & Groom and sent home with the guest for planting. Simplistic, lovely smelling, inspired!

Instead of a traiditional guest book, a bouquet of branches in a lovely vase, with tags and ribbon/yarn/string attached. Guest hang their wishes on the 'tree'. The branck motif can be carried on to the centerpieces, in simplictic (and cost effective!) arrangements.

Black, white, and yellow. Fresh, elegant, interesting. I ADORE the onyx earrings in the second row, I think I must have them. . . and the black and white floral print clutch from Etsy, as well.

I love the potted plant favors, and the necklace.

Elegant and warm- chocalote and marigold. I'm really not leaning anywhere near any kind of yellow, washes me out too much, but I can't help but be drawn to the contrast here. And I love love love the dress Leighton Meester is wearing!

I was really just inspired to see black and white borught into an outdoor, daytime garden setting. So crisp! I love just about every panel here. . .

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