Friday, January 2, 2009

A Resolution to Not Call them Resolutions

The tradition of writing a list of things you'd like to do differently in the New Years seems doomed for failure. Everyone waxes poetic and looks through rose colored glasses towards this brand new vast expanse of time that seems unmarred by reality. Yet. And though some manage to keep that childlike wonder with them long enough to make those resolutions last a few moths, most lose it the second they clock back into work and realize that it's just another day.

But regardless of my jaded outlook on the tradition, it's hard to shake that childlike hope that maybe this year will be different, maybe I will keep that willpower around long enough to instigate change.

2009 is going to be a very significant year in our lives, if nothing else, with out upcoming wedding (9 months tomorrow!) so why NOT start this year on an optimistic foot.

So here it is, my resolution list, my goals for 2009.
  1. Plan a simple wedding that will be special for its tiny significances, not its large extravagances.
  2. Get us to Hawaii unscathed for our dream vacation/ wedding/ honeymoon
  3. Follow our game plan towards forming our own business. [Steps in '09 include getting the digital SLR I've been dreaming of, building my photography portfolio, learning to work/ teaching Rob to work Serato, and run a couple dry runs with friends and a video camera for a demo DVD]
  4. Change my home routine- time to grow up and ALWAYS have the house company-ready [or at least in a state I wouldn't be embarrassed of]

Fingers crossed. At least this is the first year I've kept my goals realistic....