Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Not a creature was stirring...

Its that time of year again! I love it- crisp weather (well, as crisp as it gets in SoCal), fires in the fireplace, the smell of neighbor's fires in their fireplaces. . . it's really all about the smells for me!

Check out this cute advent calendar from Black*Eiffel!

I don't know about you, but I had a hard time not going for all the goodies at once. Hard to make that last all month!

Focus of Attention

TheKnot.com has an interesting array of photographs from real weddings; while browsing through I came across some insiprational centerpices and outdoor decor. Sicne our reception will be outdoors, a focus has been to make good use of the space in a clean, minimalist way.
A pineapple centerpiece with candle holders down a long table.
Never woulda thought... So Hawaii!

Love this fishbowl centerpice with starfish and candles. Feels clean and beachy.

Silk flowers in a fishbowl, simplistic but classic. See below for a twist.

The drowned flower look is so interesting, especially if you can make use of floating candles.
Another perk? Silk flowers submerge beautifully, and its tricky to tell when they're under water! A good way to cut costs

Palm fronds and fans in the canopy. Another touch of Hawaii that I love. A good way to spruce up an outside space, as well.

Wooden letters from any craft store, suspended with ribbons. Can be painted in your colors, left plain for a woodsy feel, whatever.
A tricky idea for outdoors but cute enough to include nontheless- a bead curtain of tiny mirrors and photos.

Float Away

MonCheri Bridal, strapless chiffon over charmeuse informal wedding dress with lace trimmed sweetheart neckline, beaded lace bust line with twist detail and Empire waistline, double layered skirt with ruffled front hem and sweep train.

Charmeuse? Eh. Chiffon? Swoon, so beachy and floaty. And forgiving. I love so many things about this dress.

The little things....

Some cutesy details..

from Crybabyink, personalized cork place card holders

And completely un-wedding related, but another cute as heck idea from crybabyink- creative uses for interesting swatchs of fabric. On top, original 1 yard piece of fabric. On bottom, fabric + canvas + staple gun = unique wall art

I think I just found the next project for an artsy kick. Just not so orange...

V is for Vegetable

{rity bee} , a fab new find for me, has the cutest idea on their Details: a- z page today:

Its weird in that chic kinda way weird things can be fabulous. Would be great for a fall wedding.

Embracing the Blog

I'm still trying to find my voice here- I have such varied topics of interest, from wedding planning to whats on TV, to cooking. But the only way to find focus is to run with it, so off I go.
Immersing into the blog world- checking out whats out there (I haven't before), joining blog groups (do I really qualify? with all you hardcore bloggers out there?), and:
I think I picked a good word; feels like its fitting better and better as I progress.