Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Special Things come in Strange-Looking Packages

An ode to weirdness on Christmas.
Pre-lit upside down trees are all over the internet... of everything here, this is the only one to which I say...

Now this is my kinda tree.

A jeweler in Singapore brought new meaning to the phrase "looks like a million bucks" with this tree comprised of 913 carats of diamonds! Talk about blang BLANG!

Knit yourself a tree!

Yup, that's a tree of Grolsh beer bottles.
::hiccup:: Lotta work goes intop this one ::hiccup::

The Charlie Brown tree!! My favoritest.
[all photos above from]

Those are little people cutouts running around that tree!
[from jsanimesg]

Installation art- a light-fountain at Rockefeller center.

Yup, those are kegs. And not pony kegs but the real deal.
[photo from]

A prelit conjoined tree. Hmmm... do you put twice as many presents underneath that?
[photo credit: Green Head]

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