Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year, New Ideas

Although I seem to constantly have Wedding Brain, it's not as all consuming as it seems.
In light of our upcoming nuptials and the New Year, Rob and I have been talking about our Life Plans again this week. We want kids (2), we want physical custody of Alina, and we want a house, not necessarily in that order, within 5 years of our wedding.
5-ISH years.
We'll see what shakes out.
[Its still hard to picture doing the whole pregnancy, birth, juggle work and kids right now. Alina is a different story because we only get Baby Girl on weekends- no work juggle. And no birth. And plans hinge on ability to conceive, too]
Anywho, the only kink in the plan is how we get there. Ok, ok, big kink.
I hate the idea of leaving my kids with someone else... heck, that's even if they was someone else to leave them with. Paying a stranger is out. [Babysitting occasionally is one thing but I don't want a total stranger raising my kid, and when you look at the number of hours I'd be away working full time, that's pretty much what we're talking about.] And I don't want anyone else raising my kids!
So how do we work around this? We've been marinating on how to work on our own schedule. Start our own business now and build it so that by the time we want to have kids, one of us can quit [fingers crossed both of us could quit] and be at home [...and that's PC bull, I wanna be the one at home hehe].
But what are our strengths? What can we do better than others that would set us apart and allow us to create a niche for ourselves? One thing all this blogging and wedding planning has taught me is I like planning and I like weddings. One thing it reminded me of is my love for photography. It's been years since I got behind a camera with purpose and I miss it. Lack of time and equipment has led me down a dark, artless road. Bleah.
If I can get back up to par and develop a portfolio, I might have a fighting chance. My current work schedule allows me the time to do it, now I just need the equipment [buy a camera or buy a ridiculous dress, hmmm, tough choice...].
And how does Rob factor into this? Boy is a DJ, people! And a damn good award winning one, at that. All we need to make him event-capable is FINALLY install Serato [think of it as a program that lets you play your MP3s through a turn table; we;ve owned it for close to 3 years now and haven't even played with it yet] and buy a PA system- heck we can even rent that awhile. If we pimp him out as a wedding DJ, me out as a wedding photographer, or the whole package at a cut rate... we may be on to something...
I'm floating off into LaLaLand, dreaming about working for ourselves, doing something we love to do and get paid for it, and being with our kids.
So until our wedding, I'm going to be working on getting that camera and building a portfolio, much of which will probably end up here.
Wish us luck!

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