Saturday, September 6, 2008


We found THE setting today.

And believe me when I say, We've looked at HUNDREDS of them....

Picking the stone was the easy part. I knew what I wanted- makes it a lot easier to find what you're looking for.
What to put it in? A whole 'nother story.

.... But we found it. We visited it today.

And now it's being custom made for us.

(And our rectangular radiant cut stone)

Its so much more sparkly in person. And I'm a sucker for a nice shiny object.

So, a sizable percentage of the females to whom I've spoken of Our Hunt look at me like I'm a car carrying, bra burning, cosmetic-shirking feminist . . . I'm not much of an extreme anything.

Is it really THAT left-wing for me to choose my own engagement ring? Pick my own stone? Is it the perception that I must be the initiator, the pusher? Is it that ridiculous that He knows I'd find the search fun? That I'd relish the excuse to do 'research' and ponder clarity v. color? That I'd love having conversations about girdles that don't conjure up thoughts of women with fingerwave curls in their hair? Does that make the intention/ purpose any different? Of less value? Doesn't it make it more? Do you think it means I won't get a proposal? Or that I proposed? And that makes it a bad thing...... how?

Goofy girls. We giggle about you. Together. And that makes it funnier.

And the ring is bomb. Sooooo bomb. I did a happy-dance.

(Note to self:

dangerous while driving; esp. in conjunction with illegal use of a cell phone....)

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