Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Cupcake Stands Alone

...or not, and nver will with this great idea for a DIY cupcake stand

[again, care of Laurie and Once Wed]

What You’ll Need:
2 terra cotta saucers (I used a 7” and a 10” saucer, but you can use any size you like)
2 terra cotta rose pots (The pots I used are 5” and 6” high. You can use any size as long as they are taller than the height of your cupcake and frosting.)
2 yards ribbon (or what ever it takes to make it around the circumference of your saucer)
Decorative or scrap book paper
Acrylic paint
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Sponge paint brush

Terra cotta pots are available at most nurseries and home and garden stores.
Cupcakes shown are available at Hello, Cupcake in Tacoma, WA

1. Begin by painting both sides of your terra cotta saucers and only the outside of the terra cotta rose pots with your acrylic paint and sponge brush (see figure one and two). Paint a second coat if needed.
2. Allow the paint to dry completely.
3. Turn the saucers upside down and glue the bottom of the rose pots to the back side of the saucers using your hot glue gun. Use a generous amount of glue. (see figure 3)
4. When the glue has dried, turn your cake stands right side up and carefully glue your ribbon to the edge of your saucers. (see figure 4)
5. Cut two circles out of your paper to line the inside of the saucers. (see figure 5)
6. Stack stands and arrange your cupcakes.

2 terra cotta saucers $7
2 terra cotta rose pots $3
acrylic paint $2.50
2 yards ribbon $4
1 sheet paper $1.50 Total = $18 for two stands

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